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     Our service better equips a perspective player and their parent(s) with the information and insights needed to get maximum exposure during the recruiting process. Remember, being “All-District” in Texas doesn’t mean much. There are over 430 Districts in the state alone. Remember, you are not just competing for a scholarship with just others in the state. You are competing for a “scholarship” offer from players across the country. There are more than 21,920 players playing HS Football in the United States. According to the NCAA, there are on average there are 1,850 (8%) scholarships given out between Div I and II programs. NCAA limits Div I programs to 85 full tuition scholarships. NCAA limits Div II programs to 36 Full or partial scholarships. Getting a full scholarship is really like hitting a lottery when you consider the bigger programs costs around $300,000.00 (tuition, room, board, fees, books) for four years. That’s a lot of money.
       As a Family, you have to be realistic about this recruiting process. Everyone is not being recruited by the University of Texas, Oklahoma University of The Ohio State University. Just because “you” like them doesn’t mean they like you. There are certain “measurable” that some schools are not going to overlook. Especially the BIG PROGRAMS. When is the last time you’ve seen a 5’8” QB or DB playing for The Ohio State University, Texas or Florida? When is the last time you’ve seen a 175 lb. LB or DE playing for Penn State University, Texas A & M or L.S.U.? When the last time you’ve heard of a player with a 2.3 GPA in HS playing for Stanford, Cornell or Howard University? I have personally seen schools measure a player’s “hand-size” before they make an offer. Whether you want to believe it or not size and speed do matter! You go run a 4.3 or better in the 40-yard dash, you’ll probably get offered by most programs on “speed alone”. Yes, player’s with “heart” can find their way onto the field at major programs but someone really has to see that demonstrated before they take a chance on you.
       We are here to help you navigate thru this process. We obviously are not giving any guarantees but you go attend one of these “Mega-Camps” with 850 players by yourself and you will wish you had someone behind the scenes being an advocate for you. Once you enter your Freshman year of High School, you are on the clock. Scouting Services (24/7 Sports, Rivals,, and Director’s of Recruiting and mining the land for the next up incoming talent by position. We’ve got a solid network that we communicate with on talent in this state. If you live in Southeast Texas, The Valley or smaller markets (Austin, Killeen, Beaumont, Port Arthur, etc.) you surely need help getting your son the attention desired. Think about it, when a College Coach comes to Texas what markets are they probably going to fly to? Easy… Dallas or Houston! There honestly is enough talent in these two markets alone to fill any position you need. So how does a player in Rockwall, Round Rock, Brownsville, Austin, College Station, Waco get noticed? Can’t wait to tell you……. We look forward to serving you.
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