It’s BIG in Texas!!

Written by: Rod Thompson, Texas Team Elite

Texas is “known” for High School Football! We take this sport very serious. We have High School Football Stadiums (Berry Stadium – Cy-Fair ISD, Eagle Stadium – Allen – ISD, Toyota Stadium – Frisco ISD, Alamo Stadium – San Antonio ISD) that are larger than some stadiums on D1 campuses. We are talking 16,000 to 21,000 seat state of the art stadiums complete with High Definition Scoreboards, Synthetic Grass Fields, Massive Concession areas and Parking.   Sure, we’ve got big spirit for our High School “teams” across the state. For the most part, all of these $50 plus million dollar stadiums have been built to support the continued passion and support for Texas High School Football. Over the years, Texas has produced some amazing players that have went on to perform well at the collegiate and professional level.

With all the talent we have in the state of Texas, why are so many top high school recruits still leaving the state? One could argue that there really is enough high school talent in this state to field sixty-percent of any collegiate programs need in Texas. And yes they would still be very competitive nationally!     Sure we all know Florida, California and Georgia is also known to supply the nation’s colleges with some of the best football players annually. But we are talking about Texas!

In Texas, we have “football players” that have been performing “Hercules” and “The Flash” type feats since little league.

Take Hayden Connor for example:

That’s right this is a legitimate image of Hayden Connor in the 5th grade playing. In the 5th grade, Hayden Connor towered over every opponent. And no, we wasn’t soft either. In Texas, there are a handful of “man child beasts” that sprout up in communities across the state. Connor was so massive, when he was in the 4th, 5th and 6th grade, he was invited and played in FBU All-Star Game for the top Middle School Players in country.

Last month, Hayden Connor received his first Division I full scholarship offer to play football at “The U” (University of Miami):


Hayden is going into his Freshman year at Katy Taylor High School. At 6’5” and 282 lbs., Hayden is projected to start next to his buddy Bryce Foster.   Now look at this “kid”… Bryce looks like “The Rock” (not Dwayne Johnson –The Rock) but Marvel Comic Book muscular build like “The Rock”…..

This 6’4”, 295 lbs. dude is also an incoming Freshman at Katy Taylor HS. He hasn’t even hit the weight room yet. And like  Hayden, he is a Beast!

I have personally witnessed these two “Freshman” man-handle experienced Sophomore and Junior defensive lineman in drills. Every snap these two are coming hard as if they are competing for starting positions at the D1 level (not HS).   Let’s be clear, I am not related to these young men. I’ve seen enough football talent in 20 years to know “it” when I see “it”!

Stay tuned and trust me, baring no major injuries, these two “kids” will be in the top five of their recruiting class (2021).   Yeah I hear you already, Katy Tigers still probably gonna beat Katy Taylor but it ain’t gonna be because of these two offensive lineman.

So here’s my prediction on these two:

  • Both will have ten (10) plus major college offers before on Texas program offers.
  • By Junior year, each will have a minimum of five offers from the SEC and BIG 10.
  • Power Texas Schools (University of Texas, Texas A &M) will be slow to offer if not offer until Junior year. Why? Out of respect for the Texas HS School Coaches in this state.

So stay tuned and watch how this unfolds. We all know there are only so many “massive men” that can play football. We’ve got two man-child phenoms in our midst that ain’t afraid of competition. They also have been well prepared by their Parents and are prepared for all the attention that is coming. After all, they’ve been getting all the attention since 3rd grade as being that kid who “looks too old” to be playing with these other kids. Indeed these guys are legit! We do it BIG in Texas!

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