About Us

Who we are:  Team Texas Elite is the region’s top select 7v7 program.  We provide opportunities for up in coming football players in our region to get the exposure they deserve.  In addition, we enlighten their parents on the recruiting process, NCAA Eligibility Requirements and ways to get your son noticed by college scouts.

What we do:

TTE has developed into a top program that attracts top players from around the state.  In two years, we have had more than 47 players receive D1 scholarships.  In 2016, TTE won the Championship Trophy three (3) of the six (6) National  Tournaments we participated in.  In 2017, based upon demand, TTE will have a local club team (Team Texas) that will work-out with qualified coaches weekly.  In addition, those players will participate in local and regional tournaments hosted in the greater Houston area and Dallas.  The National Team (Texas Team Elite) will travel to Las Vegas (Pylon Qualifier Tournament), Los Angeles (IMG Qualifier Tournament), Dallas (Pylon Qualifier Tournament), Charlotte (IMG Qualifier Tournament), Baton Rouge (Pylon Qualifier Tournament) and Houston (IMG Qualifier Tournament).  These tournaments attract the nations top players.  With the top players in attendance, national and regional media (ie. ESPN, Rivals, Scout.com, Bleacher Report) are always there as well.

Lastly, each year our group has toured the football facilities of a major D1 Program.  We’ve toured UCLA, USC whiles traveling to Los Angeles and LSU when we travelled to Baton Rouge.  We plan to add more schools in visit in 2017.


Travel Team – $65.00 Try-Out Fee ($1,200.00 Season Costs February thru July. Fees $200.00 paid monthly on the 5th of each month). Includes everything the local team receives. Note: Excludes Travel Costs (transportation, lodging, meals) to Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Charlotte. National Championships for IMG, Pylon and AAU will be additional expenses that is additional. Travel Team Members also receive Under Armour Cleats, Gloves, Uniforms, Socks and other gear.

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