About Us

Who We Are:

Texas Team Elite is the region’s most respected Club 7v7 program. TTE was one of the first Club Organizations to form National Travel Teams in Texas. We provide opportunities for up in coming football players in our region to get “exposure” on a National level. In addition, we provide insights to Parents on the Recruiting Process, NCAA Eligibility Requirements and ways to help your son get noticed by College Scouts.

What we do:

Texas Team Elite has developed into a top program that attracts players from all around the state. In the past four years, we have had more than 73 players receive scholarships to play at the college level. In 2016, TTE won the Championship Trophy for AAU Nationals and two other major tournaments. In 2017, TTE went deep into many major tournaments in Dallas, Charlotte, Los Angeles, New Orleans and Houston. In year’s past we’ve also made college tours to University of Southern California (USC), UCLA, Texas A&M, University of Texas, Baylor and University of Houston.


Texas Team Elite is s Club 7v7 Organization that develops players from the 7th thru the 11th grade. At our try-outs we are looking for the best players to fill our three (3) divisions (MS Division, 9th Grade Division and HS Division).
The biggest challenge we see is every Parent thinks their son is the best at their position. The reality is the kid probably is very good however there is a big difference between “good” on a local level and “great” on a national level. What we try to explain to folks is our try-out typically assembles players who have been the best on their team since little league football. The challenge is realizing there are thousands of other players out there who play the same position and have experienced the same. At our try-outs, we are looking for players who are obviously good but who are coachable enough to become great.
Once you are invited to participate in our program, you will be placed on one of our teams. All of our teams in Houston for example, practice at the same location and time so that they all are learning the same offensive and defensive strategies. Our practices are very competitive because you are now practicing with some of the best players in the city and region.
All of our teams will play in tournaments and some will even play in statewide and local leagues (hosted by www.texaclub7v7.com).

2019 Try-out Fee: $60.00 (register online)
Typical Season Overview:
All our practices are on Sunday’s typically between 2 pm to 4pm between February thru June. Fees for the MS Division and 9th Grade Division is $150.00 per month and fees for the HS Division is $200.00 per month. Note: Fees exclude travel costs (ie. Transportation, lodging, meals).
Monthly fees cover field rentals, qualified coaches/trainers. There is a one-time Uniform Fee ($350.00) that is due at the first practice. This fee covers the costs of cleats, uniforms, soft-shell helment the player will need for the season.


  • Players can only try-out for one position
  • Players must attend practices
  • Players must represent themselves well on social media
  • Players must have a 2.7 or greater GPA to participate
  • Players and Parents must sign off on all TTE Document
  • Medical Release Forms
  • Player and Parent Code of Conduct
  • Media Release Forms

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